Product Review: Door to Door Organics

Product Review: Door to Door Organics

I am very excited as this is my first product review. I really enjoy fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, and although I garden, I find with fruit that it has been difficult to achieve the quantity and variety I need to sustain what I enjoy eating. My dogs ate every peach and plum off of our four fruit trees, and the squirrels had a field day with the fruit trees in the front yard. We had little handfuls of strawberries and blackberries from our garden, but the blueberries were eaten by the birds.

Every week, I have a difficult time finding local, organic fruit other than blueberries and melon near where I live that are: 1. reasonably priced; 2. not prepacked individually in plastic; 3. fresh enough that it does not get moldy or rotten in a day or two; 4. grown in the USA unless tropical; 5. packed with flavor.

I am a huge supporter of organic CSAs. My friends have an organic CSA in NJ called Three Pines Farm, that I just love. I am also a big fan of organic gardening and growing as much food as we can at home, whether it be an apartment garden, a window garden, a patio garden, a small outdoor garden, or a huge and abundant garden, it’s all good stuff. I also advise people to check out their local farmer’s markets to find an organic, local farmer near you.

So for me, I do not need any extra vegetables that I cannot find locally that are organic, or that I cannot just grow myself, but I still need a good source for organic fruit. So, I found an organization called Door to Door Organics, and they have a tri-state branch (NJ, NY, PA) as well as branches in other states, and luckily since there is a co-op near my home, they deliver right to my door.

PRODUCT / SERVICE: Door to Door Organics, a company that partners with farmers to bring organic produce to your door weekly or biweekly

OPTIONS: vegetable boxes, fruit boxes, or mixed boxes; you can also shop for additional items each week to add to your box, such as additional vegetables, fruit, grains, and really any healthy, whole foods grocery items you would need

PRICES: the boxes range from $25-$54 in my area; there are boxes to accommodate individuals to families of 4+

I ordered the medium fruit box, which feeds 4+ people. I had a $10 coupon, so my box total was $36 even. Delivery is free.

WHAT I RECEIVED: Each week the box will be different, and you can log in a few days before delivery to see the contents of that week’s box and make swaps, if you like. This week’s box included 31 items/pieces of organic fruit most of which were grown in the USA, some local (with the exception of the tropical fruits).

2 Packham Pears
3 Apricots
2 Black Plums
2 Red Plums
4 Braeburn Apples
2 Kiwi Fruit
1 Mango
3 Yellow Peaches
1 lb Red Seedless Grapes
3 Yellow Nectarines
5 Bananas
1 Pint Blueberries
2 Pluots


CUSTOMER SERVICE: Outstanding! I had to email customer service because at first the coupon credit did not go through. A representative helped me right away. Her email reply was friendly and courteous too.

I am very pleased with my first box from Door to Door Organics. They delivered the box to my door as scheduled with no delivery charge. If you leave a cooler out, they will leave your box in a cooler on your front doorstep, if you specify that when you order. They ship everything in recycled, eco friendly packing materials, and even include a reusable ice pack with your order. Each week you have to leave the box with all the packing materials outside, as they will collect them and reuse them. As someone who tries to be environmentally conscious, I love that! My fruit was of the highest quality. It was super fresh! I love that NO PLASTIC was used. Most importantly, I received my box on Wednesday and it is now Monday, and the pieces of fruit I have left are still in good condition and very edible. This means no spoiling and no wasting money, as I typically do with grocery store fruit. I especially love the variety, which encourages me to try new recipes and eat a variety of organic fruits that I may not be able to find normally in their organic state. Most importantly, everything is certified organic, and you can research more about the farms the produce is coming from. This week I changed my box to a small fruit box, so I will try out that quantity and see which box I prefer.



  • Organic produced delivered right to your door
  • A great way to supplement what you grow in your garden or purchase locally
    or this could even be your sole weekly grocery trip
  • Eco-friendly packaging and reuse
  • The ability to swap items you may not want for others you enjoy more
  • The shop feature allows you to add other food and healthy grocery items to your box.
  • You can have the box delivery set on weekly or bi-weekly.
  • You can schedule a vacation and pause box delivery.
  • There is no delivery fee and you don’t have to spend gas money.
  • The produce is fresh and delicious!
  • Your online order is marked so you can see what items are local.
  • I appreciate that they try to source local, organic items. I hope they continue.
  • You can cancel at any time. There is no commitment or penalty for cancellation.


  • Although I found the box prices to be average compared to what I find in my area of the US, some people may find this to be a bit pricey. However, I compared this to grocery store prices for organic fruit, and I think it was reasonable, plus I enjoy the freshness of the fruit, so I think in the long-run it saves money and time and you are ingesting food that has not been treated with pesticides and chemicals or individually wrapped in plastic.

I can refer friends every month to receive $15 off their first box, which is 50% off depending on which size  box you pick (and you can too once you register). If you want a 50% off invite email, please post a comment below with your email address and full name, so I can share the goodness with you. I hope you enjoy your organic produce!