My Natural Fall/Winter Skincare Routine

As the months begin getting colder in certain parts of the world, the way most of us care for our skin could benefit from a bit of tweaking (not to be confused with twerking). Since having my son three months ago, I have noticed a change in my skin, experiencing more facial dryness than ever before. So I decided to change things up, and I’ve never been happier with my skincare routine. For any of you looking to keep your skincare routine simple, somewhat minimalistic, natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, this blog post is for you. Hopefully, it will give you some new ideas that will get you inspired to take care of your skin.

Before we get into the items I am currently using, the most important components for healthy skin come from lifestyle: appropriate water intake, a whole foods diet abundant in organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, living a low stress lifestyle and learning how to manage stress well, and (in my humble opinion) being a kind person and surrounding yourself with good people.

Now onto the skincare routine for face and body… 6 easy steps that take me less than ten minutes total. I purchased all of the products listed with the exception of two items, as notated below.


Step 1: Lather It Up
I wash my face and body with an organic, vegan handcrafted bar of soap. My Mom and I have made soap in the past so I’m pretty picky about my soaps. I have purchased from other artisans in VT, OR, and CA. You can find lots of options on Etsy. I really like Unearth Malee soap and shampoo bars because their artisan soaps are organic, vegan, and palm-oil free.

Step 2: Shave
As pictured above, I’ve “greened” and upgraded my shaving experience with a safety razor; no more plastic disposables. I have been using the stainless steel safety razor for about five months now and I highly recommend them. I purchased mine and the replacement blades from Amazon; there are a variety to choose from. This method of shaving is much more economical and eco-friendly.


Step 3: Cleanse & Exfoliate
I’ve talked about facial cleansing/exfoliating brushes before, and I love them so much here I am discussing them again. I just started using one for the first time in my life this past year. Both of my facial brushes are from Vanity Planet, and I received both of them as gifts. The brushes completely transformed my skin, reducing acne scars, improving clarity, evening out my skin tone, deep cleansing and removing dirt and makeup, and gently exfoliating. I loved the spin brushes so much that I became an affiliate with the company. They were nice enough to give me two coupons for my subscribers and friends.

Ultimate Skin Spa (pictured above)
Coupon Code: Spin4MH2
70% discount off $125.
Final cost – $37.50

Spin for Perfect Skin
Coupon Code: MH4Spin2
70% discount off $99.99.

I love both brushes, but the Ultimate Skin Spa (pictured above) is next level in terms of luxury, quality, and results. I have used these brushes for dry/wet body brushing, everyday cleansing, makeup removal, and deep exfoliation.


Step 4: Exfoliate Full-Body + Moisturize
I do not like using watered down, water-based lotions on my skin and oiling skin after a shower is usually a recipe for it transferring to bedding and clothing. So I’ve been using moisturizing body scrubs. I sort of forgot how awesome and detoxifying sea salt scrubs are, until recently when I tried an organic vegan coffee cacao (chocolate) moisturizing seal salt body scrub. It exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time and has detoxifying properties. I like products that have a two-in-one purpose.

This is hands down the best and most amazing sea salt scrub I have ever used (and coming from someone who used to make and sell organic scrubs, this is saying a lot). This has been a nourishing treat for my skin and I plan on stocking up and keeping it in a pretty recycled container in my bathroom. My skin feels and looks so perfect, moisturized and glowing after I use it. I think it is smart that it comes in a pouch, which is perfect for the shower as opposed to glass which can easily break.

For those looking to buy thoughtful yet simple gifts for the holidays, this would make a great, affordable, and useable holiday gift for friends, family, coworkers, teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, or even yourself! No chemicals or synthetics – healthy, simple, and it smells delicious. Here is a 50% off coupon code:

Bru Essential Body Scrub
Coupon Code: Scrub4MH2
50% discount off $30
Final Cost- $15


Step 5: Tone with Rose Water
I spritz my face and neck a couple of times with rose water, which is known to have many benefits including reducing redness and inflammation and toning the skin. It can also be used as a finisher to set makeup. I use a pure, organic, drinkable rose water from Royal Sense. They offer different sizes in glass bottles. I then transfer some into a cobalt blue glass spray bottle I found on Amazon.


Step 6: Face Moisturizer
I have used the coffee + chocolate sea salt scrub on my face as well as my body. It’s a fine enough consistency to do so and it feels so good – like a day at the spa. Additionally, for extra moisture, especially during the dry winter months, my go-to brand is 100% Pure. They offer organic, vegan, and cruelty free skincare, anti-aging regimens, and makeup that are all beautiful and smell incredible because they are made with fruit! My current favorite facial moisturizer, which has more of a consistency of a balm than a cream, is the Skin Brightening Nighttime Balm. It smells like citrus and is very rich and thick. For most people this should solely be used as a nighttime cream because it is heavy. I have been using this day and night lately because it’s perfect for dry skin. I also use this as my hand cream. Again, I love multiple purpose items. I also use 100% Pure’s coffee bean eye cream.

As far as the rest of my body goes, it feels perfectly smooth and soft from the detoxifying sea salt scrub. My skin has a gorgeous, healthy glow to it. That product is worth its weight in gold.

Thanks for reading, and to all my American subscribers, have a Happy Thanksgiving! This will be my seventh vegan Thanksgiving aka ThanksLiving, and I am looking forward to celebrating my son’s first. Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


4 thoughts on “My Natural Fall/Winter Skincare Routine

  1. Hi Mary! It’s so good to hear from you again. Congratulations on your baby boy! I have a 3 year old daughter and all I remember about those first few months is that they are a blur. Lol! ;0) I have missed your beautiful glowing face, but I’m so glad you took some time away for your precious baby. Thank you so much for all the coupon codes! I can’t wait to get the ultimate skin spa.
    Much love, Angela ❤

    1. Hi Christina! My view is to go with the spa system that’s a little more expensive. It has two facial brush attachments and the bristles are amazing, very plush and luxurious. They feel great on the skin. It also comes with a silicone brush attachment that deep cleanses. It’s unique to this spa brush and very effective. The other brush I love too but not as much as the spa system. The less expensive brush has a body brush and pedicure attachment, so I love having that. I am just partial to the facial features of the other one. I like both tremendously though and use them daily. I’d say if Ashley is going to focus on spa-like facial care for a healthy complexion, go with the first one. If she wants an everyday cleansing brush with a body and foot brush attachment, go with the second one.

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